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This is the day when everything you knew about sports clothing becomes obsolete. There is a new generation of renewed, high-tech, modern cycling clothing and it is on the reach of your hand. Get rid of all your old clothing and embrace the future, because the future is here.

Our exclusive products have the greatest and latest advances in sports clothing technology. From what meets the eye to what goes beyond the eye, every fiber and zip of our clothes is made according to the most recent discoveries of I+D departments in sports investigation centers across the world.

The latest technological advances upgrade all our clothes and items to the maximum level. You won't believe the experience that you will have when you try them. You will have literally never had such an experience before. We proud ourselves to have absolutely no match in the market. You will simply never find clothes like ours, no matter where you go.


What is hi-tech cycling clothing?

At this very moment, there are laboratories all across the world studying athletes, their performances and their needs. Experienced professionals and knowledgeable doctors work day and night to develop the perfect sports clothing. Top-notch cyclists and other sportsmen and sportswomen are being studied and tested to evaluate the effects of the latest developments in sports clothing. Jackets, trainers, helmets, glasses, every item a cyclist needs to optimize their performance is being perfected as you read these lines.

Sports medical doctors as well as engineers and computer modeling experts are studying the human body to develop the perfect structures for sports items and clothes. Become the most competitive cyclist by exploiting your potential with the right clothing. All our clothes are made out of hi-tech fibers that minimize wind friction, keep the body at an ideal temperature no matter the weather conditions, are waterproof, and extremely easy to wash. We have a line of baselayers with intelligent fibers that you can connect to your tracker, smartphone or monitornig device. These intelligent clothes will adapt to the weather and air temperature and will inform your monitoring devices of the state of dehydration and deionization of your body as well as your pulse rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen.

Every day, more and more people choose to wear our new generation helmets. They are up to 5 times lighter than regular helmets and offer up to 300% more protection against head injuries. This happens because they are made of ultra-light carbon polymere fibers. Our helmets are indestructible, scratch-resistant and come in a wide variety of colours and designs for your preference.

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They have stepped up.

Alan Tomkinson

"When you put these jackets and tights on, you immediately feel the difference. I have tried a lot of clothes before but I will definitely say that T-Cycle's products have no match, they are the best."

Brad Olson

"When I heard about this "T-Cycle's hi-tech cycling clothing" I was like "What? Seriously?" and laughed it off. Then I tried it. Man, there was a difference. I don't know what these clothes are. They are just amazing."

Lorena Peterson

"The future is here. It is the only thing I can think about. It's here. I will never go back to my old clothes supplier. I just can't. Cycling clothes will never be the same after I tried T-Cycle's products."